Fighting for Carroll County Students

Who We Are

We are a grassroots organization that represents the parents, grandparents, teachers, and students who want less politics in the classroom and more traditional values taught in Carroll County Public Schools.

We believe our children should be taught…

  • The United States of America, despite its imperfections, is the greatest, most diverse and inclusive nation on earth
  • Freedom and Equality for all Americans under the constitution
  • To judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin
  • Tolerance and respect of all, not forced celebration
  • Traditional beliefs of gender
  • Math and science in the classroom, life lessons and values at home

We believe parents should decide whether their children should wear masks in school.

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Critical race theory, a theory that fights racism with racism, has absolutely no place in our school system.

No Mask Mandates

Returning the mask requirement for our students is not only unnecessary, it instills needless fear and creates an unhealthy learning environment, precisely the opposite of “protecting” our kids.

News & Announcements

  • A Quick Guide to CRT/DEI 
    For those not familiar with CRT, here’s a quick rundown of what CRT is and how to spot it inside your children’s classwork, homework, and assignments. A Quick Guide to CRT/DEI  Diversity – Breaking society up into groups based on race, stereotyping races based on past history and assuming it’s present today. Examples of some […]
  • CCPS Removes Minors From Book Committee Tasked To Review “Lawn Boy”
    We thank Carroll County Public Schools for leaving student minors out of the review committee for “Lawn Boy”, the novel written by Jonathan Evison. The book is grotesque, sexually explicit, and littered with derogatory language towards the LGBTQ and minority communities. Including children in this committee was clearly not appropriate, and we’re appreciative that […]
  • Carroll County Mom Calls Out Book Containing Child Porn, School Media Specialist: “Book fulfills acceptance criteria”
    A Concerned Carroll County mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, was disturbed when her daughter, a Winters Mill High School student, encountered a book containing child sex scenes in the school media center.  The mother had read the news and heard rumors of books containing inappropriate language and sexual content being made available in […]

Identifying Social Justice Rhetoric

In order to push back against SJW rhetoric in our schools, you first need to understand how to identify it..