A Quick Guide to CRT/DEI 

For those not familiar with CRT, here’s a quick rundown of what CRT is and how to spot it inside your children’s classwork, homework, and assignments.

A Quick Guide to CRT/DEI 

Diversity – Breaking society up into groups based on race, stereotyping races based on past history and assuming it’s present today. Examples of some of it’s false premises:

  • Example #1: Black People are oppressed because of slavery and racist policies of the past.  The constitution of the United States of America, because it’s colorblind, should not be considered equal because of our flawed history.  As such, we now have to be grouped and treated differently to correct past wrongs.
  • Example #2: Courageous Conversations or Honest Conversations in the classroom where teachers will seperate classes into 2 groups (Oppressed, black and minority children) and (Oppressors, white). In some cases children are asked to apologize and say why they are oppressors.

Equity – Children are taught differently, not on performance levels, but solely on race, to achieve equal outcomes across racial groups.

  • Example #1: It is assumed that a black or minority child is not smart enough to learn how to solve the equation correctly therefore it is now OK to have the incorrect answer.
  • Example #2: Black or Minority children are not given homework because of “oppression” and it is assumed they do not have the same resources as white children to be able to complete homework.
  • Example #3: There are programs and opportunities at the school ONLY for black and minority children that are NOT available to ALL children.  It is assumed that black or minority kids do not have access to these resources.
  • Example #4: Black/Minority Children are disciplined and graded differently.

Inclusion – Introduces kids to LGBTQ+ and Sexual Conversations at inappropriate age levels.  It includes videos, presentations, handouts and other materials that focuses on including everyone of all backgrounds, and is primarily focused on sexual preference.

  • Example #1: Teaching children to use gender pronouns that are different and separate from biological gender.  Giving children the opportunity to choose different identities other than male or female.  Female bathrooms and locker rooms are now “inclusive” meaning there is no private space for young girls in most schools (not all, it depends on the school.
  • Example #2: Punishment for children who tolerate but do not openly celebrate LGBTQ values.

Visit this resource for an additional quick reference guide to CRT and Social Justice Warrior rhetoric.